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13 Interiors Inspired by Gilmore Girls

13 Interiors Inspired by Gilmore Girls

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on January 12th 2017
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

We’re feeling a little nostalgic after watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. While it’s a shame that Rory is still traveling and hasn’t set up her home yet, we bet it would have been stylishly decorated and made for a great home tour!


While the girls never stray far from Stars Hollow, each space on set occupies a fun sense of Gilmore personality. From Emily’s formal Hartford home to the Dragonfly Inn, we reflect on some of the decorating styles in the show and share our top tips to give your space some Gilmore personality.


Here’s our list of ways to infuse a bit of Gilmore glam into your home.

Luke’s Diner

All Gilmore Girls fans know that Lorelai needs coffee to function, making Luke’s Diner the ultimate place to go to despite the countless number of times he has to call her out on her addiction.

Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua
Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua

With its retro tables and chairs, Luke’s Diner also displays a large wall of coffee mugs and colorful woven plate decor.


What about , to really make the collection complete? .

Blue and white kitchen with coffee mugs on shelf | artas.in.ua

For coffee lovers out there, it can be hard to choose between your favorite mugs. The solution? Dedicate a wall in your kitchen that displays them all. Keep the coffee to hand and voila! Your very own coffee bar.


Rattan wall decor | artas.in.ua

For your own home what about using vintage rattan and Brazilian inspired pieces to breathe some color and vivacity into your space. It’s fun to experiment with different patterns and colors depending on your mood, and because they’re lightweight, you can go without having to drill holes into your walls, which is great for renters or those of us who change things around frequently at home.

Living Room

Sat close on the couch to watch old films together, the living room is a pivot point in the Gilmore Girl household. At first when Rory broke up with Dean, she fought hard to stay composed, refusing to wallow. But as many a break up goes, it wasn’t long until Lorelai found her crying on the couch.

Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua

It’s a place of solace and sleepovers, and that’s why a comfortable couch goes on top of the checklist. We love the striped pink sofa from A Year in the Life, replete with cushions and a soft throw.

Striped pink upholstered sofa | artas.in.ua

Stripes are classic patterns that will never go out of style. They help to give off a tailored aesthetic; a pastel striped sofa is a vibrant piece that speaks volumes of personality. Additionally, you can match plain textured sofas and striped or patterned pieces together to make the room more dynamic.

Bohemian living room with patterned cushions | artas.in.ua

Lorelai’s Kitchen

It’s not just the living room that got a revamp in the revival. We also get to see a cheery new kitchen, replete with Formica table set.

Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua

We think the style harks back to Luke’s diner chic, with the sunshine yellow a Lorelai pick. The ceramic plates displayed above the kitchen add a lovely touch.

Vintage retro dining set in yellow | artas.in.ua

Replicate your own 50’s dinette area, and place the corn-flour-box-colored set directly by the window to brighten up a drab corner. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to have something more substantial than pop tarts for breakfast.

Decorative plates hung on a blue wall | artas.in.ua

A great way to adorn bare walls is by hanging beautiful plates to create an eye-catching focal point. You can choose to hang a few of your finest plates or create a whole new story with a ceramic statement wall.

Rory Gilmore’s Room

We love Rory for her quick wit and charm especially when she dropped the iconic “Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals” line. And because she spends so much time in her room, true Gilmore Girls fans will recognize all the tiny details that make Rory’s room truly her own.

Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua
Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua

There was no shortage of books around her room, and it’s easy to see how she became so driven to succeed. There were even posters of the countries she wanted to visit, and college memorabilia.

Pink bedroom bench | artas.in.ua

The blanket chest is an elegant accent piece that’s great for storing linens, or items you’ll need to have easy access to. You can add a splash of personality with bold colors like red or your favorite shade of pink. Putting a seat cushion on top also makes it a wonderful alternative to a sofa.

White dresser and mirror in the bedroom | artas.in.ua

With limited space, it can be tricky to fit in a separate vanity table and a dresser. So opt for a multi drawer French-style dresser with a built-in mirror, like this one refurbished on the . The wide mirror also helps enlarge the room, making it feel more spacious.

The Gilmore Mansion

Not only is Emily Gilmore the show’s voice of reason, she also has exquisite taste with her furniture.

Gilmore Girls Inspired Interiors | artas.in.ua

Because Fridays always signify a visit to the Gilmore Mansion, we see their pink cabriole sofas remain timeless even after all these years.

White living room with classic furniture | artas.in.ua

white cabriole sofa in a contemporary space looks fabulous. A beautiful piece of artwork hung above the sofa also adds an air of modern elegance and lets you live stylishly in comfort.

Dragonfly Inn

Lorelai is not only famous for her zippy one liners, but also her eclectic styling.

Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn | artas.in.ua

Pouring her heart and soul into the Dragonfly Inn means we get a great snapshot of her personal favorites when it comes to home decor design: a wild blend of chic and chintz.

Stained windows in the home office | artas.in.ua

Stained glass lamps bring in warmth and color that balance warm interiors. But if you’re not a fan of lamps, stained glass windows are also perfect for making private spaces more inspiring. They create playful light that’s delightful to watch day in and day out.

Cottage style blue and green dining room | artas.in.ua

We all know Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year, so what about these bamboo style seats as a great way to refresh the dining space. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can opt for chairs in two complementing colors with matching seat cushions.

Gilmore Girl's Dragonfly Inn | artas.in.ua

As the pop up chefs at the Dragonfly can contest, Sookie really knows how to set up a great kitchen. In addition to a well stocked pantry and a fire extinguisher, that kitchen island is forever laden with delicious produce. The kitchen floor is tiled in black and white squares, which we imagine must make it easier to clear up any spillages after an accident.

Black and white kitchen floor | artas.in.ua

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, these square tiles are the way to go. We love the way the black and white tiles create a connection with the kitchen elements in this Edwardian home. Because of its monochromatic color scheme, the kitchen looks flawlessly put together.

We’re always excited to find inspiration in shows and movies we see and we hope spurred you forward with your own renovations and remodels. Let us know which tips have been most useful, and what you want to see next.


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