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7 Quirky Cardboard Cat Accessories for Your Feline Friends

7 Quirky Cardboard Cat Accessories for Your Feline Friends

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on September 27th 2017
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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having quality play time with our feline friends after a long, hard day of work and errands. And as they grow from kittens to elegant cats, it won’t be long until their collection of toys takes up an entire corner in the room. As tempting it is to buy them a plastic squeaky toy or a stylish new bed every few months, there are eco-friendly alternatives such as cardboard cat toys and scratchers that offer as much fun and comfort. Because as any cat owner knows, it’s the cardboard boxes they always prefer!


Here, we look at seven quirky cardboard cat accessories your cats will love.

Recyclable cardboard cat toys by KatzieShop | artas.in.ua

Cats are natural born hunters, even when they’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, which makes toy balls a staple pet toy.  offers these small recyclable cardboard balls that are perfect for cats who enjoy hunting for “prey” and chasing them around the house. In addition, KatzieShop prides itself as an eco friendly pet store, so make sure to check out their other toys .

Tippy Triangle interactive cat toy by K&H Pet Products | artas.in.ua

As much as cats enjoy solo play time with their favorite toys, interactive play time also gives them a chance to exercise and hone their hunting instincts. This Tippy Triangle from  is both scratcher and interactive toy which lets your cat swat and claw plastic balls as it moves along the triangle. The triangle comes with a removable rocker underneath allowing you to choose two different play modes for your cat.

Quirky Laptop Cat Scratcher | artas.in.ua
Quirky Laptop Cat Scratcher | artas.in.ua

Ever had days where you were busy working on your computer only to have Felix walk across your laptop to take a nap? With this , your kitty will never feel left out whenever you browse online. It also comes with a customizable desktop wallpaper to freely change the image, and a fluffy toy mouse.

DIY cardboard scratch post inspired by the Chrysler Building | artas.in.ua

If you have a hefty pile of cardboard boxes stored away in the garage, you can build your cat its own scratching post inspired by your favorite architectural masterpiece.  shares her own DIY instructions for making a Chrysler Building-inspired scratching post out of cardboard boxes. It looks like a lot of fun, so head on over to her website .

The Sphinx of Giza for your cat | artas.in.ua
The Sphinx of Giza for your cat | artas.in.ua

Now here’s an accessory for the adventurous cat.  recreates famous landmarks around the world into cat-sized homes that make great napping spots. My favorite is easily the Sphinx of Giza as it takes you to the cat-worshipping days of ancient Egypt. Your cat deserves to be treated like royalty, after all.

Katris cat towers inspired by Tetris | artas.in.ua
Katris cat towers inspired by Tetris | artas.in.ua

Who would have thought that cardboard cat furniture could be so stylish?  makes these amazing cat scratchers that double up as shelves and blend seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Inspired by the Tetris game, Katris blocks are modular pieces that can be stacked together depending on your preferred configuration. They come in different colors and can be used floorstanding or even mounted on the wall.


7 Quirky Cardboard Cat Accessories for Your Feline Friends

Renting an apartment, or prefer a modular cat house that doesn’t take up too much space?  might be a better option. It’s a cardboard flatpack that you can assemble into cubby holes and towers by connecting the pieces together like a puzzle. And when you feel like rearranging the pieces, simply peel of the tabs that connect the cardboard pieces and get creative.


What do you think of these cardboard cat accessories? Let us know which one your favorite is.


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