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About Us

It’s not easy to transform your home into something you love. artas.in.ua is a digital platform bursting with inspiration ideas to help you design your dream home – whether that’s from starting out with inspiration, or helping you find those finishing touches.
WEBZINE - Our international team works diligently to find what’s hot in home design. We are a cluster of home owners, design lovers, and aesthetes curating original articles full of gorgeous content. We launched in May 2016, carving out a corner of the internet for you to find the inspiration, ideas and insight to turn your house into a place you are thrilled to call home.

GALLERY - Take a tour through the photos from our favorite homes, and find beautiful quality images for your next home reno project.

SHOP - After discovering so much awesome homeware out there and wanting to share with readers, it was a natural progression to add a shop to our page.

Meet Our Team

Gordon Tam
Gordon believes in making big things happen. With a pedigree in architecture and design, he strives to unite people from different backgrounds to make his dreams come to fruition. He has good faith that everybody brings something special to their job and believes that good teamwork can make the impossible happen.

As a frequent traveler, Gordon has visited over 100 cities around the world exchanging ideas and gaining inspiration. But at heart he is a homebody, who loves to relax and stretch out on the sofa. At the end of a busy day of brainstorming his next big adventure, he likes to unwind with a glass of fine wine, or a delicious whisky. Gordon finds concentrated meditation by playing Candy Crush.

Gordon spent many formative years in Canada learning about different cultures and walks of life. After many years working in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, he has now settled in the paradise of sights and sounds; Hong Kong is home.
General Manager
Kay channels his inner Goku to power through his tasks, which is how he maintains his perfectly spikey hair and playful demeanor in times of stress. Day to day, Kay’s work in the office includes many different tasks. They range from analyzing and planning, to investigating and negotiating.

Raised in Sydney, and having spent much of his life in Australia, Kay has adopted a laid back attitude to life. His work is greatly inspired by Tadao Ando’s simple and Zen interior designs. So much so that his favorite colors are firmly in the grayscale palette.

A self-confessed caffeine addict, Kay keeps a cup beside him at all times for his next coffee injection. He is not an early morning person, but it is always made easier when he gets to see the smile on his baby daughter’s face.
Isobel has a penchant for pretty colors and a fascination for jazz music — everything is better when Count Basie’s playing.

From the cooler climes of the British Isles, Hong Kong has been her adopted home for the last few years. It's here that she fell in love with the humble tram as her favorite method of transport, although it’s a close tie with the Star Ferry that patters across the harbor.

Isobel is an editor on our artas.in.ua team, and loves to share her latest finds in home decor. Three things you can always find in Isobel’s handbag: a notebook, lip balm, and handfuls of stray bobby pins.
Video Content Creator
Just like our general manager, Emily was also raised in Sydney and has spent most of her life in Australia. One of her all time favorite breakfasts is Vegemite and avocado on toast.

Emily’s brain is imagery based and therefore obsessed with beautiful pictures and videos. She is also into running and having a good time with friends and family.

Emily is the photographer and video editor at Nonagon.style. You will see her spent most of her time brainstorming ideas, filming and editing videos under a big monitor.
Editorial Assistant
Vanessa is a lifelong learner ready to soak up trends, events and and interesting trivia that comes her way. She enjoys exploring, from quiet countryside trails to the busy city neon-lit streets filled with seasonal sales.

As an avid reader, she won’t let a book pass until she’s read it cover to cover. She’s always up to discuss world issues and philosophy over a cup of coffee when given the chance.

As an editorial assistant at artas.in.ua, Vanessa is always on the lookout for up and coming designers and keeps an eye on the latest design news. She curates the magazine’s social media channels making sure that our readers always have plenty to see.
Editorial Assistant
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life.

A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

After a stint in PR, Jess is now an Editorial Assistant at artas.in.ua. Her favorite part of the job? Getting to pick the brains of the design world’s brightest stars.
Administration and Finance
Celia is the gatekeeper who works tirelessly to plan out our budgets and balance the books. To make sure she stays free from any stress the office may cause, she likes to drink lemongrass tea and practice meditation.

In between the hiking, yoga and mindfulness, Celia enjoys trying different food from around the world. She especially likes to travel to Japan and Thailand to check out the markets and see the sights.

The most recent addition to Celia’s home is Momo the puppy. The tiny brown ball of fluff is a poodle who is still working out which toys are for chewing, and which ones are towels! Celia and Momo go for daily walks around the neighborhood.

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