These Shark Baby Blankets are Jawsome and Cute |
We Wish These Jawsome Shark Baby Blankets Came in Adult Size

We Wish These Jawsome Shark Baby Blankets Came in Adult Size

Babies just became even cuter.

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on June 6th 2016
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Shark Blankets



Children are small and tiny, and their mini-sized accessories are pretty adorable too! While there are few things cuter than a sleeping tot, we’d like to raise the stakes and ask you… what about a sleeping tot dressed in a shark baby blanket?

Cute and playful shark baby blanket by Baby Bites |

These adorable baby blanket sleeping bags are designed by Sofia Marques and Andrea Durall of Baby Bites. They wanted to bring together fun and quality into one product so parents have an easy decision to make while kids get the best care and comfort.

Playful blue shark baby blanket by Baby Bites |
Whimsical yellow shark baby blanket by Baby Bites |

These shark baby blankets are handmade in small artisan workshops in Barcelona, Spain. No compromises have been made in their cuteness or functionality.

Cute red shark baby blanket by Baby Bites |

Made with 100% cotton fabrics, they come in various colors and patterns – ideal for a colorful childhood. They look so comfy and are wide enough for the baby to move around freely. There is also a zipper on one side to make sure parents have easy access to stinky diapers, or whatever else you may find in there!

A cozy baby blanket in baby pink |
Shark baby blanket for baby pram stroller by Baby Bites |

The baby blankets have been adapted to fit into prams so you can take your baby shark out to bask on your next stroll.

Shark themed baby blanket sleeping bags for kids by Baby Bites |
Playful shark baby blanket sleeping bags by Baby Bites |

They also come in bigger sizes for older kids. Imagine how much fun they will be on sleepovers! Many jawsome memories and fun bedtime stories to be had.

Red shark baby blanket sleeping bag by Baby Bites |

We just have one question for the Baby Bites team – do they come in adult sizes?


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