This Industrial Brick-Walled Home in Turkey Opens to Views of the Vista |
This Industrial Brick-Walled Home in Turkey Opens to Views of the Vista

This Industrial Brick-Walled Home in Turkey Opens to Views of the Vista

And it's a breathtaking sight

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Vanessa Louie
on August 22nd 2017
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Moda House



 – Alp Eren

Along the beautiful coastline of Istanbul Moda, this striking home owned by a mathematician was turned into an industrial-style haven by Slash Architects. What initially was a dark, restricted apartment was transformed into a beautiful open-plan home.


This new home offers plenty of space for the owner, and his daughter who comes to visit once a week. Let’s take a tour around this industrial home filled with stunning inspiration ideas!

Industrial living room featuring brick walls and a cowhide rug in this Istanbul home |

Because his apartment was in an old building, the designers were careful to reflect its unique charm. They opted for industrial design elements such as brick walls, and statement lighting pieces.

Industrial living room with modern accent in this Istanbul home |

The owner was fascinated by the unity of the different parts of the room. Thanks to the open plan layout, the common areas of the home look well integrated and also allow the gorgeous balcony view to flood the living areas.

Industial living room with modern accents and corner workspace |
Industrial living room overlooking gorgeous views |

The owner had simple requirements, the first being that he wanted masculine interiors using natural materials such as wood and metal. You can see this played out with furniture and the combination across the floor, walls and ceiling. His additional request was for a working area that connected to the living room; somewhere special he could write his books.

Open plan dining room with industrial style brick walls |
Black metallic kitchen counter in this industrial home in Istanbul |

In order to make the different areas of the home accessible, a straight corridor was designed to connect the entrance, the kitchen and the living area. The living area was also visually extended with the installation of reflective surfaces such as glass and mirrors, boosting the accessibility of those gorgeous views.

Brick column by the kitchen counter |
Industrial style kitchen with brick walls and wooden cupboards in this Istanbul home |

The kitchen features brick walls and metal hanging shelves that add to the industrial look of the home. There’s even a counter that looks out to the dining room, which keep guests connected to the kitchen and provides plenty of light for cooking and early morning coffee drinking.

Cowhide rug and nesting coffee tables in this living room |

Lighting fixtures are also major features of the home, as seen here with this three pronged contemporary chandelier. Also, there’s a good mix of texture in the living space, from metal furniture, to velvet seats.

Open plan living room |

The openness of the owner’s new home encouraged him to invite his friends over more frequently, and we can see why.


Even while he works on his book, views of the gorgeous vista can inspire him from his workspace.

Custom white shelving unit for books in the bedroom |
Home office and study area |

Another renovation worth noting is the bedroom belonging to the owner’s daughter. The room was originally two small rooms that were combined to make a larger area. The owner wanted the room to have enough space for his 10-year-old daughter to study, relax and play piano. It’s interesting to see that the piano is located against a wall which also provides enough privacy for the sleeping area.

Interesting lighting in the bedroom |

The designers made sure that the bathroom is just as modern as the rest of the home. Here, they installed a jacuzzi and a sauna to the master suite bathroom.

Home sauna in the bathroom |
Wooden panelled doors |

What do you think of this home? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to see more modern homes, check out this unique family home in Bulgaria.


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