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Urbane Design Studio Use Sliding Doors to Create Borders Between Open and Private

Urbane Design Studio Use Sliding Doors to Create Borders Between Open and Private


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Stratification & Border



According to the Taiwanese Urbane Design studio “life is an aesthetic value with introspection rather than the popularized collective consciousness”. That is to say, go with what you like; you don’t need to follow trends. These are also the feelings expressed by the woman who owns this 209 square meter home.


She enjoys living in beautiful surroundings, daring to try everything; engaging in travel around the world and wanting a home that reflects her independence and free lifestyle. This home project is called Stratification & Borders, as it plays with the dynamics of the rooms between open and private.

Calm and collected Taiwanese apartment | artas.in.ua

Open plan living is becoming emblematic of our small size dwellings, and trying to fit everything together. We all know the story of homes with blurred boundaries; walls being taken down and bringing together the dining room and kitchen, along with the living area.


Once more we see a delicate balance of blurring borders between open space and private areas in this home. The woman who lives here loves having her space to herself. Different elements and aspects of her day can be transformed accordingly with the variation of change between opening and closing doors.

Open plan living room in stone tones | artas.in.ua

Now we see a calm stone gray palette for the furniture, bringing dark and white walls together, with the occasional burst of color. The pillar in the center of the home provides an axis point; between the open space of the living room, kitchen, dining area and study.

Open plan living room with gray tones matched in different shades | artas.in.ua
Open plan living rooms with calm and sophisticated interiors | artas.in.ua
Peek into the home office, sliding doors make it easy | artas.in.ua

The first blurring of boundaries is presented with the sliding doors that take you from lounge to home office. A desk and chair show the demarcation from public space to private.

Taiwan home office with sliding door divisions | artas.in.ua

Moving outwards from the home office space we find ourselves in the bedroom, once again blurring the spatial borders between functions.

Black bedding looks striking and moody in this cleancut contemporary apartment | artas.in.ua

According to the designers from Urbane Design, “the visual balance in the space is achieved with the contrasting colors, materials and unreal-real relations.” Meanwhile, the open free plane enriches life with every opening or closing of doors by emphasizing the freedom of movement.

Bedroom has sliding doors for walk in wardrobe | artas.in.ua
Dark walls for the walk in closet, but white walls in the bedroom | artas.in.ua
Dining room on the other side of the bedroom in Taiwanese apartment | artas.in.ua

The space is divided into two segments with the use of different flooring materials. The living room, study and master bedroom are arranged on one side with fumigated oak wood flooring, segmented by amber glass sliding doors. On the other side, a pale stone material is used to help “frame the landscape”.

Kitchen and dining room blur together | artas.in.ua
Kitchen dining room with blue table | artas.in.ua
Kitchen island and dining table match other colors in open plan room | artas.in.ua
Open plan dining room with a lot of mirrors, making the space feel bigger | artas.in.ua

The richness of the fumigated oak provides an anchoring effect compared to the lightness and floating vision of the mirrors and sliding doors.

Formal dining room in open plan apartment | artas.in.ua

White walls are the neutral point for the spaces, to balance the dark shapes and patterns. A round table breaks up the sharp lines, making the space more comfortable.

Light bedsheets but dark walls | artas.in.ua
Desk or vanity table? Urbane Design | artas.in.ua

Bedrooms are fit to the brim with storage opportunities; floor to ceiling wardrobes make it easy to keep things tidy. A vanity table in this room matches the one from the study, further emphasizing the criss-cross framing of the table base with a tripod style golden lamp.

Sophisticated bedroom with light colors | artas.in.ua
Sophisticated bedroom with light colors | artas.in.ua
Charcoal bedsheets accentuated by the deep wooden floorboards | artas.in.ua

All bedrooms benefit from large scale windows, to bring in maximum sunshine.

Charcoal bedsheets accentuated by the deep wooden floorboards | artas.in.ua

Whether it’s windows or walls, the borders between spaces in this Taiwanese home are offering the freedom between public and private areas. This gives the homeowner a feeling of luxurious amplitude, or the coziness of close quarters. If you want to see more Taiwanese home design, look no further than this Taichung home mixing materials for stunning wall backdrops. We also featured this gorgeous Xie Residence home that focuses on feng shui for harmony and balance.


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Open plan living room in Taiwanese apartment | artas.in.ua

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