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Dress up Your Home for Fall

Dress up Your Home for Fall

Get cozy this fall and feel snug as a bug!

Written by –
artas.in.ua Team
on October 14th 2016
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Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. With seasons slowly changing and the winds turning crisp, we know that winter is just around the corner. But before we get excited about the first snow and those heavy woolens, let’s enjoy this perfect weather.


Here are some home decor items for this fall season that will set the perfect tone for the coming chilly months.

Big Chevron Wool Rug | artas.in.ua

The temperatures have started to drop a little, but there is no need to cover all the floors just yet. However, if you like to cozy up with soft furnishings, this rug might be your perfect fall indulgence. This hand-knitted rug is made with merino wool and cotton. It looks so snuggly and is perfect for narrow areas near your couch or bed.

Knotted Pouf | artas.in.ua

Taking about getting comfy, these adorable poufs will help you enjoy your downtime in absolute comfort. Made with foam stuffed soft jersey tubes, these poufs adjust and mold to your body, while providing support. The knotted pattern is inspired by basket making technique, which also makes it look like a giant ball of yarn. Wouldn’t it be perfect for soaking in some winter sun while sipping tea on the balcony?

Knotted Pouf | artas.in.ua

Grey Piped Edge Cushion | artas.in.ua

Season appropriate cushions can easily turn your bright and comfy couch into a warm space. These cushions with dark gray tweed-like material and colorful piped edges will help make your sofa look cozy and lively at the same time. Pick your favorite colored edges and get ready for the coming season.

Grey Piped Edge Cushion | artas.in.ua

Hand felted wool basket | artas.in.ua

Warmth and comfort does not only come from what we feel, but also what we see around us. This storage basket made of felt will add some visual coziness to your home. It is perfect to store your yarn if you like to knit, or to store some extra blankets in the living area.

Cozy chair cover for Eames chair | artas.in.ua

Mid century modern designs have resurged in recent years and it’s hard to escape the beautiful minimal furniture of the 60s. If you invested in these gorgeous Eames chairs, then you might want to dress them up for fall and winter with these seat cushions made just for these chairs. With so many colors and textures to choose from, your chairs will get a trendy winter makeover.

Cozy chair cover for Eames chair | artas.in.ua

Blue Mug Cozy | artas.in.ua

This is a cute mug cozy to keep your drinks and hands warm! I love these crocheted cozies in such beautiful colors. They are made of cotton yarn and will perfectly fit your normal sized coffee cup. If you love knitting, you might want to try your hands on a DIY. These cozies make for a perfect winter gift as well.

Mug Cozy | artas.in.ua

Blue hand woven rug | artas.in.ua

Looking for a new carpet for the winter? These rugs by Tisca might be your perfect pick this season. Since carpets stay with us for a long time, investing in the right one will decide your winter fate for years to come. These hand woven sheep wool rugs come in 96 different colors, 26 different patterns, and can be customized in any shape and size as well.

Hand woven rug | artas.in.ua

Merino Yarn Blanket | artas.in.ua

Want light layers to keep you cozy this fall? These crocheted blankets are as stylish as they are warm. Available in different colors and patterns, you can use these chunky knitted blankets to cozy up on the couch or add an extra layer in chilly winter months. Check out other gorgeous knitted home accessories by Panapufa for super snugly winter decor.

Merino Yarn Blanket | artas.in.ua

Are you looking forward to winter? How are you decorating your home this season?


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